Destiny Wallpapers - Warlock, Hunter or Titan?

Posted on 21st July 2014

Some lunchtime reddit browsing lead me to a nice PhotoShop job on some Destiny artwork - unfortunately the original author had only created a Warlock version, and my creative OCD and want for karma lead me to create versions for the other classes, with my twist on the technique.

Originally inspired by this thread, if you want to give it some upvotes (or just skip the original author and give me karma), I created a range of sizes for iPhone / iPad / desktop / dual monitor wallpapers, which you can find on imgur.

I'm a fan of the simplicity of the original technique, and while the darker versions aren't as successfull, I think, they're pretty swish for a lunchtime's worth of PhotoShoppery.

I'm pretty sure that Destiny is going to render me inoperable once it's out in September - if you want to join my fireteam and come stomp some Fallen, my PSN ID is "Phayzed_" (yes, with the underscore - damn you "Phayzed"!) - I'll be playing on PS4.

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