Ooh look, a new website

Posted on 12th July 2012

And so, the 13th-ish version of Project 14 is born, this time boasting some cool stuff under the hood. As is my want, from time to time I'll get bored of something I've spent hours on, tear it down and re-build it on a whim.

Ooh look, a new website

The last version of this website was perfectly serviceable, but having moved out of the agency side of web design/development, I realised I'd not updated it in about 18 months. Time for a change.

As is the problem with most variants of the site I've built, the difficulty of the process for updating it was a direct reverse relationship to the frequency of those updates (plus I have nothing to say, generally) - while Expression Engine was great when I needed it, I wanted something even simpler. Enter Kirby.

I won't replicate the blurb for Kirby, here (go read it yourself you lazy fucker), but suffice to say a no-DB, flat file "CMS" is hugely appealing, dead simple to use, and is powered by the file system you already use for organising your stuff. Love it.

I've also use Malarky's 320andUp templates as a base, so everything's nice and responsive adaptive device agnostic, plus adaptive images from @responsiveimg mean the large portfolio images won't clog up your pipe if you're on a mobile.

This is my first forray in to using git for a project too - I'm using Beanstalk as a remote repository, and deploying to a dev/staging/live environment from there - my next post will be a more in-depth article about that.

There's lots of other bits and pieces under the hood, so feel free to ask if you want to know how I did anything, and what pitfalls you might avoid.

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