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In the aftermath of CVG's demise, I was suddenly out of touch with what was going on in the games world (a restrictive corporate firewall at Three didn't help), and with a design itch that needed scratching - years of working around ads killed my creativity, to some degree - I dreamed up Plaaayed, a monthly round up of video game news.

Initially an exercise in designing without thinking about how it might be built, and explicitly without the standard display ads, it morphed in to a good exercise in launching and maintaining a side project. Ultimately, I couldn't attract enough people to create content for it, and the time I would have liked to have spent updating the design went on writing articles, which is far from my forte, so Issue 006 is the last (for now).

I still love the cleanliness of the design and the few embellishments that make it feel restrained (the pattern overlaid on the images, the hover effect), and I'm pleased with how it works. Given it was entirely my own work, it could have been a disaster...

The people that did read it seemed to like it;