Elite Dangerous

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Elite Dangerous


With a rich 30 year history, Elite was re-imagined for the modern age with a successful Kickstarter in 2012.

The website, however, was in a bad state when I joined Frontier in late 2015; mobile optimisation was minimal, desktop optimisation, especially video, was non-existent, and the experience was generally rough.

So as a baptism of fire, the entire thing was refreshed and re-built from the ground up in just 3 weeks. With a major release for the game just around the corner, and a marketing campaign which included a trailer in front of every showing of Star Wars The Force Awakens for two weeks, the need for a modern website was very real.

I set down a structure and framework for the content, updated the design, built the front end HTML and CSS, and put together a simple PHP framework for serving multiple language versions (none of which made it, but the same framework was used later on with v1 of the Planet Coaster website).

The imagery and video was fantastic to work with - being able to design stuff with spaceships is every small boy's dream - and given the short production time, the mobile optimised, responsive, slick, and consistent website you see today was an interesting challenge, with a very satisfactory result.