Elite Dangerous

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Elite Dangerous


The original Elite Dangerous website was updated when I first joined Frontier, but in the 3 years after it wasn't gven as much care as it could have - other projects (Planet Coaster, JWE) took precedence for our small team.

This meant that when it was time for a redesign there was a lot of work to do, but conversely, since the core Elite Dangerous game and UI - from which I tried to take as much inspiration from as possible - hadn't fundamentally changed, the challenge was to update the design, without new inspiration.

Being a bit bolder with the orange, with headings that are a bit more attention grabbing, and using the best (and in some cases custom captured) imagery from the game, gave the site en entire new lease of life.

But on top of this, the vision I had, since this was our first venture in to the world of Vue.JS (with a headless Drupal back-end), was to make the entire site feel more like one experience, rather than a series of pages. Every page has a seamless transition in/out, and a huge amount of work by one of our talented developers is to thank for that.

There's a whole load of work from various team members (3D ship turnarounds, screenshots, stats gathering, store integration, copywriting) that all had to be pulled together, but the end result is pretty slick, and needs to be experienced to be enjoyed to its fullest - go take a look!